My favorite resource for getting into God’s Word!

Shelter in the Time of Storm Paul Tripp

This book has been a salve to my soul! If you’re going through a desert season, this is a must-read.



The research is overwhelming. Mindfulness promotes well being and is an effective treatment for stress, worry, lack of focus, relationship problems, addictions, and more.

Pacific Crossroads Church

On this side of heaven, there are seasons of grief and suffering. This 5-part sermon series titled “Light of My Lantern” by Pastor Rankin Wilbourne is honest yet encouraging and full of hope.

Light of My Lantern: Part 1

Light of My Lantern: Part 2

Light of My Lantern: Part 3

Light of My Lantern: Part 4

Light of My Lantern: Final

I really appreciate when pastors preach on emotions. He addresses impatience in this sermon, but it can really apply to ANY emotion.

What to Do With Your Impatience

There are 6 questions all humans ask. Here they are:

Question 1: Who Am I?

Question 2: Where Am I Going?

Question 3: Am I Loved?

Question 4: What Should I Be Doing?

Question 5: What About Him/Her? (Coming Soon)

Question 6: What Can I Hope For? (Coming Soon)


I love Dan Siegel’s work! This one is my favorite because the authors talk about how discipline is NOT about shouting or reprimanding, rather it’s about teaching. Go Dan and Tina! :)