Things were going pretty well for awhile there…but then life got messy.

You’re stuck and you’re hurting.

You know it doesn’t HAVE to be this way, but you’re not sure how to work through it.

That’s exactly why I’m here.

I’m Nadia Siswanto, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and my passion is to help you find hope through the hurting.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years studying the ins and outs of faith and psychology, working with clients struggling with anxiety, eating disorders, transitions, grief & loss, and distressed relationships.

After working in multiple clinical settings, I was inspired to open my own private practice to offer the services my clients actually need, using approaches I truly believe in.

It’s important to me that you know my Christian faith informs the way I view and practice counseling.

I believe God uses counselors to help us all experience the freedom, love, and peace he offers.

Whatever your belief system, my goal is to create a safe, compassionate space (with sprinkles of fun and laughter) for you work through the hurts and hang ups that can get in the way of living a joyful, purposeful life.

I work with individuals and families, in person or online, to help them find hope and make lasting changes.

Whether you’re in the Los Angeles area or all the way up north, we can work together in person or online to start your journey of change and transformation.

Whether you’re a parent struggling with how to help your child or a woman struggling with anxiety or depression, I can help.

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Nadia’s Official Bio

Nadia Siswanto is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a private practice in Woodland Hills, CA. She has been a therapist for nearly a decade. Through her faith-based practice, she offers hope through the hurting for young children, teens, families, and women. When she’s not in session with clients or at her favorite training, you will find her on an exciting, deeeelish foodie adventure with friends or family.

Why Therapy?

I love helping people transform their lives and get the Aha moments that lead to real change. Therapy to me is about making internal changes to the way that we think, as well as, understanding why we feel what we feel. I believe it is the little choices we make that make huge impacts in our daily living. Great therapy transforms your relationships, your confidence at school or work, and your perspective on life.

I have experienced personally how life-changing therapy can be, and it is AMAZING! This is why I have dedicated my life’s work to helping people like you connect with your authentic self, integrate lasting healing and change, and experience freedom and joy.

Why Wild Hope?

Because when we are stuck, we are often without hope. At Wild Hope Counseling, we hold relentless hope that healing, change, and growth are absolutely possible for you and your family. We know that it is not uncommon to feel discouraged about the future especially when your current life situation is so messy. Psalm 71:14 says it all: But as for me, I will always  have HOPE.

wild  /wīld/   adjective

  • fierce

hope  /hōp/   noun 

  • a strong and confident expectation

Many thanks to the Masai women of Africa and the Wild Hope Artisan project for the inspiration!

Nadia’s Education

M.S. Marriage & Family Therapy
Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Psychology

B.S. Communicative Disorders & Sciences
California State University, Northridge

Nadia’s License & Affiliations

  • California License MFC50343
  • California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT)
  • San Fernando Valley CAMFT
  • Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS)
  • International Centre For Excellence In Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEFT)
  • Los Angeles Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy (LACEFT)

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